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Welcome to Veturis your wholesaler in China
Welcome to Veturis.
Welcome to Veturis , your impulse to the exterior






ADS Travel

Travelling to Europe has never been easier. With Veturis, organising your group trip to Europe is fast, fun and special because at Veturis, any of your customers who wish to travel to the West can be included in the many travel packages that we offer. Furthermore, you can customise trips so that groups can decide where to go, which activities they want to do, and when they want to go. Our agents at Veturis will be able to offer a vast array of options to ADS groups. Flexibility is first and foremost. The customer is the one who organises his own journey. At Veturis, our greatest concern is the satisfaction of your customers.

Through the interface you'll be able to provide an estimate price, which will be adjusted in just a few hours by our team.