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Welcome to Veturis your wholesaler in China
Welcome to Veturis.
Welcome to Veturis , your impulse to the exterior






Veturis is very different to other conventional operators because it has got a compiled catalogue with a very special product. Therefore, you have all the solutions to any request you may have. Veturis works to make your stay in Europe unforgettable.

There are several advantages to highlight: price, availability and security. At Veturis you will be able to find the best prices on the market, and the widest availability.
Because security is very important for Veturis, we guarantee the care of your customers at all times: they will have 24hr phone assistance in several languages, so that your clients always feel safe in any country they visit.

Veturis knows how to grow exponentially online, and the only way of doing so is by offering the best service, by guaranteeing everything that you reserve. There have never been more guaranteed reservations than those made with Veturis.
More than three billion reservations guarantee the work of Veturis. Hundreds of customers have trusted us with numerous reservations, again and again!

Working with Veturis is absolutely FREE, you only need to pay the reservations that you make. All terms of payment are specified in the contract signed.

Order your access codes via the contact form and the Veturis sales department will be in touch with you as soon as possible in order to begin the hiring process which will establish the terms and conditions.

No. Veturis is a tour operator that offers its products only to retail travel agencies or companies engaged in the marketing of tourism products.

There are different ways to make reservations: by using XML integration, the Interface, or through the Call Centre. Therefore, Veturis provides online and offline assistance.

Reservations can be modified and cancelled through XML integration, the Interface, or the Call Centre, at any time. All you need to do is confirm the new conditions. Everything is specified in the conditions of each reservation.

Veturis offers a small description on its website ; where you'll see clearly what you are booking.

For any additional questions, simply send an email to: info@veturis.com. The whole Veturis team will be happy to answer.